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  • I find it really disturbing to see manufacturer's competing with their customers.  That is a business taboo for good reason, it's a great way to lose customers. That being said, you've got to read Laurance Cohen's article called "Everything's on the ...

  • First one is tough until you figure it out.  Suggest you tape the socket to the part he described.  My socket kept falling off.   ------------------------------ John Store Owner/ Employee ------------------------------

  • Many posters have said that you either love or hate this business within the first 6 months. My mat is quite profitable, is remodeled and clean, but full disclosure, it is also for sale! Been here, tried it, this business is not for me ------------------------------ ...

  • The most clear cut answer I could give is that I did not buy my own business to give back to the community. I bought it to give myself a financial future. When propane went up, the minutes given on the dryers went down, and the price of the washers went ...

  • Frank, First think I check when a no fill error is drain valve.  Usually something stuck in it and holding it open. ------------------------------ Mark Shields Tucson AZ ------------------------------


  • Be Sure to Change Your Passwords Frequently

    Hello, Forum Members,

    As with any digital platform, it's important to attempt to keep your information secure. As a best practice, it's a great idea to log into your account here at the CLA Connect Forum and change your password periodically.

    When making your password, make sure you are creating unique phrases with capital and small letters, numbers, and characters. Attached to this post is a great article by Google on how to create strong passwords.


  • The New Clean Show Hub

    Want to get the latest Clean Show 2017 information? CLA members can join the new online community, The Clean Show Hub that details Clean 2017. Be the first to join this new community and let’s start talking about all things Clean.

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