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  • Guys What is the proper amount of laundry carts a place should have? I have 8 carts for a 2K sq ft place with 33 washers and 22 dryers. ------------------------------ Deward Stout Store Owner/ Employee Hurricane Laundromat & Storage Hurricane UT ------------------------------

  • Hey Phu, where you find the kit? ------------------------------ Felix S Store Owner/ Employee ------------------------------

  • ​I get the sensor today, take it apart, very easy to figure out, I did not have schematic of the washer, however the top relay is N/O SPSP, so it always open and close when pressure apply, may be for motor only run when water present. The other relay ...

  • You have to look to your customers for the TL decision.  If you need them, price them right.  Around the same you charge for a 20 lb is probably a good start. The TL will get abused, period.  People double stuff one just to get their clothes wet as ...

  • Stan & others, If I ordered brand single pocket new dryers ... we would again get the large swing out bottom door on left hand hinges if the manufacturer again would allow that specification.  One of us workers just wheels along on a mechanics creeper ...


  • Be Sure to Change Your Passwords Frequently

    Hello, Forum Members,

    As with any digital platform, it's important to attempt to keep your information secure. As a best practice, it's a great idea to log into your account here at the CLA Connect Forum and change your password periodically.

    When making your password, make sure you are creating unique phrases with capital and small letters, numbers, and characters. Attached to this post is a great article by Google on how to create strong passwords.


  • The New Clean Show Hub

    Want to get the latest Clean Show 2017 information? CLA members can join the new online community, The Clean Show Hub that details Clean 2017. Be the first to join this new community and let’s start talking about all things Clean.