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  • More meetings in more places for more people. This is the goal of the reinvented affiliate program and the new meeting concept that the Coin Laundry Association is excited to launch. In the ...

  • To say the least, business partnerships of any kind are always going to be challenging. In fact, the majority of partnerships I’ve ever seen have failed, rather than succeeded. What’s the problem? ...

  • When my husband and I bought our first laundromat in June of 2016, I had been employed by Corporate America for more than 30 years. However, I was laid off just 21 days after that laundromat purchase. ...

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    In the early 90's these cards had a 30 day billing cycle. It would take two days to reach you in the ...

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    Zachary, Are you damn kidding me.  Classic Newbie mistake.  When you bought mat, did you not run all ...

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    Hello Ladies and Gents, Have a hot water tank in the back room with a boiler on the roof. On the boiler ...

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    SOLD! ------------------------------ Bruce Walker Store Owner Wash It Kwik Denton TX ------------------------------

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    We are updating equipment. We have 5 Wascomat Senior W124 Triple Loads. $200.00 a piece.  We have 9 Wascomat Junior W74 Double Loads. $100.00 a piece. We have 5 Continental 30LB Pocket Dryers & 1 Dexter 30LB Pocket Dryers. $150.00 a piece ALL Machines ...

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    New Tokens

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    I have 1.073" (diameter) and .070" (thickness) tokens for sale.  They have never been used.  They are nickel plated and one side has a picture of a top loader and says  "Laundry Token" while the flip side says "Good for $1 in trade".  $220 for each ...