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    They make lots of things to deal with this problem. You're not the first to have a ceiling leak.  Google ...

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    As many have seen in the past I am not shy about posting concerns from my stores to Facebook. I have ...

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    Does anyone have specific strategy for winning/finding new commercial accounts? The answer will vary ...

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    I have 10 of  ADC dryer 236 ( 20 pocket) All still working  . Dimension  W 29  deep 50 HI 75 Let me know if you are interested. $900/dryer Please e-mail with  questions or text 704- 685-6287 ------------------------------ GENEVIEVE FARROW ...

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    Can you message me at wtcoinlaundry@gmail.com with details on pricing.  Thanks, Anna ------------------------------ ANNA DAVIES Store Owner/ Employee AMD WASHTIME Palm Desert CA ------------------------------

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    They are 2006. The model# st030nbcb2g2q01 ------Original Message------ Hi, What model year are these machines? Thank you. ------------------------------ Abu Sufian Potential Investor Bronx NY --------------------------