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    HANDS DOWN FULL CYCLE DRY!! If you don't have express machines you may need to go 35 minutes for the ...

  • Posted in: Open Forum

    This is great, David. Thank you. I'll get a routine in order for those. Any idea what the 4 temperatures  ...

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    This is great insight. We noticed another mat with $1.00 dryers that gave 28 minutes and thought this ...

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    Antique Washing Machine Wash Chest  $400 ------------------------------ David Keith Store Owner/ Employee san diego CA ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Classifieds

    1998 model, runs fine but noisy bearings. All parts available or you can have the entire machine if you remove it. Let me know soon before I cut it up for scrap!  Brad ------------------------------ Brad Seder Store Owner/ Employee Santa Rosa CA --- ...

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    For sale is a lot of 8 cameras. For $200 you get all eight cameras (or best offer). These cameras were purchased new from SecurityCameraKing in 2016. They were $49.95 each (total for 8 cameras was $399.60). They work great. They are compatible with RG59 ...