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    That's really cool Michael. Congrats on the free commercial. That gentleman has a fun, unique perspective ...

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    Hello John, We are a service industry.  Thus we service & treat everyone the same whether it's low value ...

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    new equipment

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    Hello I need to buy new washers and dryers, but i cannot afford to change them all. I came up to the ...

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  • Posted in: Classifieds

    All American Dryer first and second generation Phase 7 control boards made prior to around 2011 had a design problem that would eventually cause the heat relay to fail in the on position.  A always on or "latched" relay causes the gas burner to stay on ...

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    Repairing a non starting ADC dryer motor.  N on-starting drive motor is a common failure with ADC mainline dryers.  Constant or intermittent rotation faults are the result.   The specific defective component within the drive motor is most often the ...

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    ADC American Dryer  882777 Idler Bearing Assembly Repair Kit A new 882777 Idler Bearing Assembly will cost about $150 plus shipping.  I free ship these kits to USA address for $50.  I can also take your failed idlers in, install the kit and ship it ...